How CIC Hearing Aids Are Different From BTE Hearing Aids?

How CIC Hearing Aids Are Different From BTE Hearing Aids?

CIC vs BTE: Choosing the Right Hearing Aid Style

When it comes to hearing aids, two popular styles dominate the market: CIC (completely in canal) and BTE (behind the ear). Let's explore the features of each to help you make an informed decision.

Hearing aids are electronic devices that amplify sound, making it audible for individuals with hearing loss caused by factors such as aging, heredity, or medical conditions.

CIC Hearing Aids:

CICs are discreetly placed inside your ear canal, making them virtually invisible. Their small size ensures a perfect fit, and they remain hidden to casual observers. They are renowned for their exceptional sound quality and comfort, often recommended by hearing healthcare professionals.

BTE Hearing Aids:

BTE hearing aids are worn behind the ear. They offer comfort as they do not require insertion deep into the ear canal. They use an earmold to transmit sound.

Key Differences between BTE and CIC Hearing Aids:

Let's compare these two types of hearing aids on specific aspects:

Hearing Ability:

  • CIC devices excel in processing both low and high-frequency sounds, making them suitable for individuals with broader hearing difficulties.
  • BTE style aids are ideal if you struggle primarily with high-frequency sounds. They amplify high sounds while allowing low sounds to enter naturally.

Dexterity Issues:

  • For individuals with mild to moderate hearing problems and dexterity or vision challenges, CIC aids are smaller and easier to handle and insert into the ear canal.
  • BTE aids are larger in size and may be more suitable for those without dexterity concerns.


  • CIC hearing aids take advantage of the natural properties of the auricle, capturing multidirectional sounds through two- or three-dimensional input.
  • BTE aids, positioned behind the ear, have certain limitations in performance as they do not capture sounds from the front.


  • CIC devices are compact, easy to insert and remove.
  • BTE aids are larger, and in rare cases, users may forget to remove the ear mold, requiring assistance from an ENT specialist.

Consider these factors to determine which hearing aid style best meets your needs. Whether you choose CIC or BTE, both options can significantly improve your hearing and quality of life.

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