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HCR-8C : Mini Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Pair)

HCR-8C : Mini Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Pair)

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Enhance your hearing without draining your wallet with HearingCore! Bid farewell to the challenges of hearing in noisy environments or during hushed conversations. Our HCR Mini Hearing aids provide a fantastic alternative to costly and uncomfortable medical exams. With their rechargeable design, you can save considerably on battery expenses. Experience over 30 hours of uninterrupted, high-quality sound with just a single charge.


  • Provides a comfortable completely in the canal type, making it hardly noticeable.
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries, saving you money.
  • Features an easy-to-use push button control for convenient adjustments.
  • Offers over 30 hours of continuous use on a single charge, conveniently stored in a small portable charging case.


All orders are expertly packaged, prepared, and handled within 1-3 business days of ordering.

All orders are shipped with the tracking number so you can track it every step of the way!


Should your satisfaction not be fully met within 30 days of your purchase, reach out to us at, and let us explore how we can assist you.

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Mini, Affordable and High-Quality Hearing Solution

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Hearing Control

Our Digital 8-channel hearing device is packed with the latest technology, providing you with complete control over your hearing. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of visiting a local hearing clinic. Designed to meet FDA requirements and cater to all your listening needs, this device offers an optimal hearing solution.

Recharge at night, Hear all day Long

Experience the convenience of all-day hearing without the hassle of constantly changing batteries. With a single charge of our hearing aids, you can enjoy over 30 hours of clear hearing. Simply place your hearing aids in the charging case at night, and wake up to reliable power that lasts throughout the day.


Why Our Rechargeable Hearing Aids are the best:

Modern Earbud Design: We have transformed the appearance of hearing aids, ensuring a stylish and contemporary look.

Affordable Solution: Don't compromise your health due to high costs. Our Rechargeable Digital Hearing aids provide an affordable option.

Cutting-edge Technology: Enjoy superior sound quality and advanced noise-canceling technology, meeting FDA requirements and fulfilling all your listening needs.

Small but powerful: Despite their compact size, our devices are powerful enough to address mild to severe hearing loss, ensuring you never miss out on important conversations.

Cost-effective: While hearing aids can be costly, our prices are highly affordable, making high-quality hearing accessible to more individuals.

Next-Level Comfort: Made from soft and rubbery materials, our hearing aids offer exceptional comfort, allowing you to wear them day or night. Easily snap them on and off as needed.

Smart noise reduction mechanism: Our devices feature a smart noise reduction mechanism that automatically detects and suppresses background noise, ensuring clear and uninterrupted hearing.

Travel-friendly: Our hearing aids come with a convenient charging station and a USB type C cable for easy charging anytime, anywhere.

Long-lasting Battery Life: Say goodbye to frequent charging. Our hearing aids offer up to 30 hours of working time with just a 2 to 3-hour charging period.

Discreet In-the-ear Model: Experience comfort and discretion with our lightweight in-the-ear hearing aids, delivering a seamless listening experience throughout the day.

Crisp Sound Quality: Our devices feature a smart noise canceller, ensuring clarity whether you're on a phone call or amidst loud surroundings.

Intelligent Noise Reduction: Detecting when someone is speaking to you, our hearing aids automatically reduce background noise, allowing you to focus on the conversation.

Powerful Performance: Despite their small size, our hearing aids incorporate cutting-edge technology, providing effortless hearing of all surrounding sounds.

Unmatched Comfort: Made from soft and rubbery materials, our hearing aids offer next-level comfort. Wear them day or night, and easily snap them on and off as desired.

Compatibility with Daily Activities: Unlike bulky hearing aids, our sleek design doesn't interfere with wearing masks, getting haircuts, or wearing glasses. They seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

Packed With Many Features

  • ★★★★★

    "I saw an advertisement on Facebook regarding this HCR-8C Mini. After a few weeks I decided to finally give it a try. Buying this hearing aid is probably the best decision I have made this year. Not only do they work better than my old expensive hearing aids, these are also rechargeable and come with a carrying case that recharges my hearing aids. One word can only describe how I feel: ecstatic." 

    Linda R.

  • ★★★★★

    "My wife bought these hearing aids for me. She said to try out the HCR-8C Minis and to be honest I was hesitant. I finally caved and decided to try them. Now we are on vacation and I can hear the ocean, the birds and most importantly, my wife. I have to say her favorite part is that I can now watch football without blasting the TV volume to level 100. This is probably the best investment I have made."

    George K. 

  • ★★★★★

    "After 6 years of having hearing loss problems, I have always been hesitant of spending thousands in hearing aids. The HCR-8C Minis come packed with technology. I mean, a carrying case that charges my hearing aids? Not only that, but they absolutely work! There is nearly no feedback or white noise and my grandkids are so happy that I don't have to keep asking them what they are saying!"

    Carmen W. 

Product Details


  • Suitable For mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Digital 8 channels
  • 30 hours working time after full charging ( 2 - 3 Hours charging )
  • Charger Type-C port with 300 mAh charging case capacity can provide 4-5 times charging to the headsets
  • Sound Pressure Level:  ≤120±3
  • Frequency response range: 200Hz-6000Hz
  • Equivalent input noise level: ≤21dB
  • High frequency average: 106dB
  • Full file gain: 24 ± 5
  • Total harmonic distortion: ≤3%
  • Battery current consumption: 1.1mA
  • Battery type: rechargeable Li-on battery


HearingCore Q&A

Do I need a hearing test?

Our devices are designed to address common types of hearing loss, right out of the box. They are also easily adjustable as explained in the user manual. In most cases, they work effectively for the majority of our customers. However, if your hearing loss is less common and our device doesn't meet your needs, no problem. Simply notify us within 30 days of receiving your hearing aids.

Will they fit your ears?

YES. In the package we offer multiple different sized tips to ensure you have the right fit for your ear.

How long do they take to charge and how long does it last?

Our devices can reach a full charge in as little a 3 hours. You can expect up +30 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

The price seems too good to be true, why is it so cheap?

We are a direct-to-consumer retailer. Meaning we cut out the middle man and bring those savings directly to you. 

Additionally since we do not have retail locations, we are able to reduce our overhead and once again pass those savings on to you.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Our Rechargeable Hearing Aids have a discreet design and are comfortable to wear. You will barely notice that it is there.

Hello, I'm Susan

I'm the CEO of Hearing Core. When I was 55 years old, I began to experience hearing loss. I decided to visit an audiologist and discovered that a pair of hearing aids cost £4,000! It was disheartening because I couldn't afford that, and I knew that most people faced the same challenge. That's why I dedicated years to researching and developing Hearing Core.

The beauty of Hearing Core is that you don't need an audiologist. These devices are designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Simply put them on, adjust the volume, and let the hearing aid work its magic. Hearing Core was created with the mission of Uniting the World, One Word at a Time.